About us

MoST is a family owned company located in Netherlands Limburg established in 2013. During more than 10 years we have built a brand, which specialized in traditional woven blankets and throws.


We are passionate about high quality natural fibers. Our woolen products are made according to old European traditions and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. We are happy to support and continue this great craft.


We recognize our responsibility for animal welfare. We believe that wool, carefully removed from a healthy, mature animal, contains living warmth and energy. Therefore, we also support organizations that are actively working to protect animals and their welfare. That's why we are increasingly using products made from New Zealand wool, as it has the highest standards of environment protection and sheep treatment.


We try to reduce the use of plastic. Our items are packed in recycled paper and cardboard . We also really appreciate it when our customers recycle these packaging as well.


You can visit us by appointment in our studio: MoST, De Hanze 6, 6049 HZ Herten.